Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fuji's Driver's Licence has been revoked......

It seems like Fuji experienced a couple of seizures this morning.   Although she was her usual perky self this morning at ate a full breakfast,  this kids noticed she was acting very strangely shortly after she ate.    "Mom!  Fuji's shaking!" 

After two epsiodes of this wiggley behavior, she had some trouble getting up and keeping her butt in the right place. After about 5 minutes she seemed back to normal, but it was pretty unsettling, so we took her to the vet.

Over the past few weeks, Fuji has had increasing trouble getting up the stairs. At ten years old, we chalked it up to arthritis.    Last night she was being extra cuddly and peaceful on my lap;  a sure sign that she wasn't feeling right.  But we now know that she's lost 2 pounds.   She checked out pretty well on her exam, with no apparent neurological deficits, suggesting she did not have a stroke.  The vet called back to let us know all of her blood work was completely normal, so that rules out a metabolic cause for the seizures.    Sadly, that leaves one likely scenario:  a tumor or lesion of the brain.

Of course, there is no way to know how quickly the problem will progress.  So while we do need to take back her driver's licence, we plan on spoiling her ridonkulously for as long as we can.

Anyone have any experience with pug seizures?   We'd love to hear any suggestions on keeping the Foo safe and comfortable. 

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Pugmas to All!

Hope Everypug had a safe and happy holiday filled with lotsa treats........and belly rubs!

Gen & the Foo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Humiliation.......

Oh....... what Mom does to us in the name of the holidays.  

Can you believe what she makes us wear?

First it's the bows and nametages...
something about not getting lost at MeetUp,

then it's the Snow Princess get-ups,

and finally, the deepest humilation of all.
The dreidle head-dress.

And she wonders why we weren't very cooperative for the holiday card photo shoot?
Seriously, how much can a pug take?

Happy Holidays!
Gen & the Foo

Sunday, December 13, 2009

We finally made it to MeetUp!

Well, Mom finally got off her lazy butt and took us to a Chicago Pug MeetUp party! It was full of other puggies and we sniffed met lots of other fun pugs! Of course, Mom had to dress us up.......but we had fun even if we did look a little silly.

We went to the dog hotel where they had a great open space for us to play inside. As you can see, the weather was rather...wintery!

Here we are in the car, so exciting!!!

There were over 30 pugs at the meet-up. It was  a little scary to see sooo many pugs in one place. Fuji was a little shy.  We met Gatsyby, Romy, Stubby, and so many other pugs it's hard to remember everyones names. 
I quickly found the buffet and strategically positioned myself for dropped nuggets of holiday goodness.

It was easy to get lots of butt scratches and belly rubs.  Oooh, yes, right behind the ear please!!

Here we are in our holiday finery.   Doesn't Dad have cute legs?

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Love, Gen & the Foo

Monday, December 7, 2009

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland!

Mom got us up reeeeeally early this morning for walkies.  This is what we saw:

Brrrr.  Cold paws!!! We did our business very quickly.
 Now that Mom has her new fancy camera, she stayed outside in the cold taking pictures.  
Here's what we did:

Yeah, that's us battling over the heat vent.......
While mom snapped even more pics:

Silly Mommy, you just got the garage cleaned!  Put the car inside, OK?

So, you get the idea.......

Don't worry, we stayed inside.   All snuggly & warm.

Happy Winter everyone!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PugMama's Birthday

Mom's birthday was on December 1st.   She says's she's going to be 39, again.  (Fuji tells me she liked being 9 so much, she's gonna be 9 a few more times.)   All kinds of craziness has been happening around the house the past few days. That whole turkey thing an all....

So, we decided to help out.   We figured someone had to get the wrapping paper, so we set out from the backyard to go over to Walgreens to get some.   We slipped under the fence in the backyard.  Figured we could get there and back before Mom even noticed, it's only a few blocks.  Fuji got a little scared and wanted to go back.   She told me we needed money, but I thought my plan of using my special cute face with big liquid brown eyes to get whatever I want definitety would have worked.  And then she wouldn't follow me home.  She hid at Honey's house.   I took matters into my own paws and alerted one of the 2-leggers.  She helped me get back inside to Mom.   That's when Mom noticed Fuji was NOT WHERE SHE BELONGED.    I kept trying to tell her, but she couldn't understand my barks.  

Fuji was too scared to come back even with Mom yelling her fool head off all up and down the block. I think she thought she was gonna get in BIG TROUBLE.    But Mom was just really worried.   Finally she got in the car to drive around the block.   I heard another 2-legger walking her dogs asked Mom if the "little dog" was hers.  That's when Mom followed Fuji to Honey's front yard.  All before 7:30 am.

That adventure tired us out for the rest of the day!    Fortunately, honey remembered the wrapping paper. Mom got lots of booty when Honey and the kid's took her out for dinners. See:

Recognize this?  Yeah - it's even cooler in person!!
Thanks Grama Judy!

And then we all had yummy Carvel cake.  Nom, nom, nom. See:

She was really happy with all her gifts. 

No bones though, poor Mom.