Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Programming has been interrupted for a test of the Emergency Broadcast System......

The big reveal of our package has been interrupted by the following test of our
Emergency Response System:

That would be the momma mobile.   Even though we are pugs,  we are pretty sure there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this picture.

When pugs collide, nothing much happens.   When people mobiles collide, this is what happens.   Even if the momma was parked (as in stationary) and just minding her own bees-wax.
The fender remover other driver was heard to say "I didn't even see you."

Again, we're just pugs, but even we can see a large SUV before we run into it.

Tune in tommorow when we resume our regularly scheduled

Gen & the Foo

Monday, June 28, 2010

It seems we've gotten a package.......

Mom was at some foot convention over the weekend, and while she was away a package came for us.

We barked and barked at the mail lady to just leave it for us, but she brought it next door.  Hmmpf.

Our neighbor brought it over to us today.  But Mom won't let us open it till she find the camera.   Something about it being lost in her suitcases.   Whatever.

Love Gen & the Foo

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Klondike Rebellion

Momma opened the garage door this morning, and we heard a horrendous shriek. Seriously, it hurt our delicate puggy ears......

Agent Awesome was immediately summonsed to the scene of the crime.

Which began with a suspicious puddle, much like this one:

Ok, well, may be it was not actually not THAT big, but momma sure was pissed.

And so she followed the puddle.....
And we decided it was time to quietly step away from the scene.

Where she found an overturned box of soggy, melted these:

In what "may" have been a jailbreak out of the extra freezer?
Leaving the door WIDE OPEN....
for 10 hours.

(Not actual fridge)
Resulting in a fridge full of soggy, melted food.

Did the Klondike's try to make a break for it?
Protesting poor conditions and the specter of cruel & inhuman punishement?

Or, did *someone*,  maybe,

We'll never know, will we?

But we sure don't want to be around when mom finds out!

as Reported by Gen & the Foo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's My Birthday, and I'll Snort if I Want To!!

Genevieve turned 5 on Wednesday!

For some perspective, here's one of her earliest pictures:
Not the blondie, that's Agent Awesome.

It's probably time to tell you how I got here to my family.  After adopting many pets from local animal shelters, mom wasn't exaxctly sure how to find a good breeder.   So she kept going to pug events looking for suggestions.  And she finally found one in a place call Eye-oh-wah. 
But Agent Awesome was still pretty small and momma wasn't sure if it was time yet.   Agent Awesome begged and begged for her Genevieve, you know the little dog that rescued Madeline from her fall into the River Seine in Pa-ree.
Can't you see the resemblance?

It was winter, so momma told Agent Awesome that they'd have to wait for springtime because it was too cold for me to travel across the ocean.   Momma was hoping to buy some time, but Agent Awesome, who was just 5 years olf (like me!) said "You can just put a sweater on her Momma."
And so, when I was finally born, and ready to leave the farm, Momma told her I was on my way.  Unfortunately, she sais I got a little lost on my way from Paris and had to be picked up in Eye-oh-wah.  Another day we will tell you Agent Awesome's description of the trip to come get me.

For now, please share in my birthday celebration!
Hmm, that sure smells goooooo!

Nom, nom, nom!
The Foo licked her plate bone dry.
Here she is in her party outfit.

Look at all this birthday booty!

OK, I admit it, I'm still kinda confused about what to do with toys. 
Do you think Angry Chicken looks sad?
Agent Awesome made my very own Birthday Bandana.
Bye Everypuggy!

Love Gen & the Foo