Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scrub-A-Dub-Pug: Two pugs in a tub

Prologue:  We know that several months have gone by with no news from the UtterlyChaotic Headquarters.  That's because it's been, well, CHAOTIC!    Much has gone on, and we promise tell all, but ,dear readers, you will need to be patient.   We return to the blogoshphere with this current event:


Momma threatened, and threatened that our stank was too HORRIBLE to bear. We didn't believe her, but she finally did it.
Yes, Pug Spa Day. Blech, I don't know what all the ladies are talking about.........OK, well, maybe.

Mom said with the heat this summer, the ONLY way we were allowed outside for longer than 5 minutes was if were got hosed down first.    We got a last minute stay of execution....I mean, washing....when it thunderstormed all day yesterday.

So it was in the tub for us!     Brrr...that water was cold.  Oh, yeah....that actually feels kinda good...

Aw, you have ta use SOAP too?????

"I'm soo mortified, I am SIDEWAYS",  snorted the Foo
Do I LOOK happy?

After several escape attempts,  much scrubbing and a cool rinse......

But the Momma was not done yet.....
extensive FURmination ensued,
until the comb came clean....
there was enough pug hair too....
well, cover an entire pug!

Gen & the Foo