Thursday, November 17, 2011

She's NOT staying.....Really!

Well, it's been a very, um....chaotic! few weeks around here.    Adding a pug seems to be an exponential rather than linear expansion.    Unfortunately, we've all fallen head over paws for her.
The humans, that is.

The pugs?    Meh.

Hear no evil.....SEE no evil.....speak no evil ???

Ruby's gotten a lot more comfortable around here, as you can see:

Such a cutie pie!!

Shortly after she arrived, a local family met her and has fallen under her spell to.    
Until her adoption is finalized,  she'll be staying her with us.
We'll keep you all posted.

Gen, the Foo & Ruby too!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A few days ago, Mom told us some startling news......we were getting a visitor.
Not just for a day or two, but for a while.  
"How long?"  we asked........
"As long as it takes" Mom said.

Mom explained that there was a sad pug out there who needed a safe place to be.  
She's a puppy mill survivor.  
A what?  
What's a puppy mill?
A place that's not good for dogs.  
Where there are only cages,  and no families, or playing, or even names.
No belly rubs or treats.
The only important thing is making new puppies.

So when Mom heard that Kentukiana Pug Rescue needed some more foster homes, she agreed to keep a pug-in-need safe till a new home could be found.

A few hours later:

OK, it was really 2 days.
Mom gave us a big pep talk about being nice to thte new kid in tow.
Here's a picture of the official
"Pug Welcoming Committee"

The Foo really enjoys her nightly glass or Pinot Grigio.

And here she is!
Poor Ruby was shaking in Mr. KPR's arms.

Much butt sniffing ensued, and we showed her our backyard.
And then our deck, and finally inside the house.
Ruby was a wreck, and could not stop shaking, even when Mom was holding her.

In the past 4 days, she's gotten more comfortable around our house.
At first, she clained a spot on the carpet and wouldn't budge.  Everytime Mom picked her up to try to get her to drink, eat or pee, she ran right back to her "spot". So Mom put a dog bed down for her.

We are trying not to give her the cold paw, but boy, is she weird!   She doesn't know her own name!   
 And she doesn't know how to go for a walk on a leash.  She scares herself when she shakes her own tags.  She jumps everytime theres a loud noise.  And she wouldn't eat for a whole day. (now that's crazy!)  She doesn't know how to play.
She likes to jump around, sniff stuff and generally act strange.   During nap time. 
After four days she is starting to get a bit tired.

But she is good at making Mom a little crazy.
Here's a shot of us messing with Mom when she was trying to take a picture of us all.
Ha, Ha...........

At least she snores just like us!

She is starting be kinda fun to be around,
but we really hope she can find a forever home soon.

Gen & the Foo
and Ruby too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The CLAW......or how I got to be a Hot Mess

Old age ain't pretty, let me tell ya.    It's that time of year (again) when I lose clumps of fur. I've got big patches  of it sticking out all over me. Mom just grabs a handful and plucks it out. Don't worry - there's more where that came from.  

Face it, I'm a HOT MESS.  The other day, as I was passed out  relaxing on the living room rug, Mom noticed some schmutz (ssh-MUT-tze) on my paw.   For those of you who don't speak Yiddish  (HELLO! Michelle Bachman??)  that means, crud, or crusty,  well....stuff.     And she noticed this.   

Yeah,  it is curling underneath itself. Doesn't hurt, but Mom sure flipped,  then she yelled "I said NO CLAWS, human feet ONLY!!"

So today, I'm off to the vet for a Pawdicure.   Spa Day - the whole 9 yards, the works.    So talk to ya later.    If I'm a bit silly, it's just because they served me a bit to much champagne with my peeled grapes and caviar!

the Foo

Thursday, September 8, 2011


If I just hide my eyes, maybe no one will notice I'm on the couch?

Yeah, guess not.

I should probably mention that this is the old "new" couch, so who can blame me for not really listening to the "no pug on the new couch" rule.   You see, it's Dad's new couch from a few years ago, but now it's and Mom-n-Dad's  house, which is my old house. Get it?  I thought so.    As great side benefit of the humans moving all their stuff into the same house has been the piles of stuff, and partially filled boxes I can climb into or on top of.   It's been fun.

 I've got my EYE on you.   Oh, yeah, that's the broke eye, nevermind.
I'm just quietly resting here on my blankie in the sun.   Looking cute:
and listening to Mom yelling at my sister.....

Gen & the Foo

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scrub-A-Dub-Pug: Two pugs in a tub

Prologue:  We know that several months have gone by with no news from the UtterlyChaotic Headquarters.  That's because it's been, well, CHAOTIC!    Much has gone on, and we promise tell all, but ,dear readers, you will need to be patient.   We return to the blogoshphere with this current event:


Momma threatened, and threatened that our stank was too HORRIBLE to bear. We didn't believe her, but she finally did it.
Yes, Pug Spa Day. Blech, I don't know what all the ladies are talking about.........OK, well, maybe.

Mom said with the heat this summer, the ONLY way we were allowed outside for longer than 5 minutes was if were got hosed down first.    We got a last minute stay of execution....I mean, washing....when it thunderstormed all day yesterday.

So it was in the tub for us!     Brrr...that water was cold.  Oh, yeah....that actually feels kinda good...

Aw, you have ta use SOAP too?????

"I'm soo mortified, I am SIDEWAYS",  snorted the Foo
Do I LOOK happy?

After several escape attempts,  much scrubbing and a cool rinse......

But the Momma was not done yet.....
extensive FURmination ensued,
until the comb came clean....
there was enough pug hair too....
well, cover an entire pug!

Gen & the Foo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Destination: destinkification

Oh NO!!!
Say it ain't so.

Momma's taking us to get destinkified. She says our stank would break the camera lens, so you'll have to wait for the "after" pictures.

We hope we survive the ordeal.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011