Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

PFOOEY on Fuji Friday!

Eh, hem.....

What am I?  Chopped Liver?

I have allowed the back-up pug to steal the blog once too many times.

This one is ALL ABOUT ME.

See? Do I look Happy?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whippy Cream Ho

Looks like once the Foo got a taste of the good stuff......there is no turning back.

Back when the Foo needed to take 18,437,273 pills every day, mom came up with some tricks to get the medicine down.   One of these included a healthy squirt of whippy cream.

These days, the Foo has become a very picky eater. Sometimes even ignoring her bowl of kibble.  Yes, I know.  Lowly kibble is for mere peasants.   Mom's tried several ways to get the Foo to eat more.   Wet food, meh.   Chicken broth, warmed, meh.   Leftover chicken or beef shredded up,  better.   But there is one sure way to get the Foo to lick her bowl clean.

Whippy Cream.  

Now the Foo stares mom down till she gets the delightful enhancement:

Yup, mom created the Whippy Cream Ho.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We's been invited to a Wedding!!

This is soooo exciting.    We thought we'd have to wait for 192 more days till Momma & Honey's wedding,  but we's been invited to a wedding next month!

OMD, what should we wear?

This is so difficult, chooosing outfits to compliment our curly figures.

Some dresses available on

Josie, Oh Josie, and IzZy...can we borrow your curlers?

Maybe we'll need paw-dicures?   What color should we pick?  

Oh, we'd better Furminate the Foo, too!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Things that should have killed Fuji.........but didn't:

  • Seizures
  • Brain Tumor ?
  • Sedation for Dental Cleaning & Surgery
  • The Eyeball Incident and surgey to put back eyeball
  • The Breathing Episode: Heat Stroke + Laryngeal Edema
  • Laryngeal Paralysis
  • Multiple (successful!) escape attempts

Gen & Lefty

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

L'Shana Tovah

Rooo, roo, RoRoooo.
Oy, What are you?   A Schlemiel? 

That's dog for "Shanah Tovah".

Wishing all our pug and human friends and new year filled with joy, happiness and belly rubs.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Well-Read Pug.....or how I got to meet my favorite author

Mom told me that a very special writer was coming to town.   When I head it was none other than Heather McElhatton (a.k.a Walter's Mom), I demanded that mom get me there to hear her read in the fur.

You see,  being a pug, it can be kinda hard to read books.  Turning the pages can get pretty difficult without thumbs!   So, I secretly listen to books on tape.    Listening to a pick-you-own story on tape was a little challenging, but I managed it.  Clever, very clever.    

But Jennifer Johnson?  Fabulous!   Finally, a story that tells it like it is.    I must have listened to that book 10 times!    There's hope for single girls everywhere!

So, when I heard there was going to be a reading at Barbara's Books in Chicago, I went right to Google to see how to get there.   I went on a complete cuteness strike until mom agreed to drive me down.   The Foo wanted to go, but since she really prefers cheap dime-store romance novels, I told her it would be a bit of an insult to attend.    Agent Awesome wanted to come too.  She hasn't read any of my fovorite author's books, but that's Ok, because Heather say's they are rated PG-15*

It was soooo exciting.   As we got to the bookstore,  I couldn't help but sniff everything!  Heather, Heather...where are you?!?

Oh, here!

I was so excited, I could not stop moving!
Here's a better picture....

Of course, as the only four-legged fan, I got the pug's-share of her attention!    And a signed copy of the new book just for me!   I let her write Foo's name too, just to show how nice I am.   And it seems like I might be the ONLY four-legged fan who's come to the bookstore; the nice workers there were totally charmed and treated me like a queen!

It was just the best night.Ever.

Heather was so nice. She didn't even get upset when I tried my famous sneak-lick attack trick.   Or when I left half my fur on her pretty black jacket.    We made her promise to bring Walter next time.

* Heather says her books are too grown-up for Agent Awesome.   No one under 15 should be reading these books.  But she explained to Agent Awesome (owner of the red legs) that she was hard at work on a book just for young adult readers.  And she even promised to send us a copy when it gets done. 

It was a big night for me, and I had to go home quickly to get ready for the big wedding adventure - stay tuned for the details.

PeeS: Mom says big SORRY for slacking off on the blog keeping.  Sometimes she gets superbusy (or lazy).