Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stooopid Bowl Sunday?

Gen here, reporting about an escalating rivalry here in our house. Honey like to watch his sports on TV, so Foo and I got to watch the Vikings and Saints go at it the other night.

Here's what we learned.....

It seems that Foo is a Saint's fan. As evidenced by her "Roo, roo, roooo" cheers each time that darm team did something right. Not, by my estimation, very often.

I, however, an a Vikes fan. As evidenced by my loud "Arf -Arf -ARF" when the Saints fumbled. Freqently. So obviously I'll have to back the Colts.....

So it will be an intersting Stooopid Bowl Sunday in our house. If we are awake, that is.


Gen & the Foo

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Menu LinkUps: Pug Approved

It's Gen here, and today I am turning over the blog to Mom so she can speak of things not directly pug related. She has decided to participate in a menu planning party. Please bear with her......

Poached Salmon with Rice

An easy meal that's both healthy and yummy!  Hoisin sauce is a little sweet, so most kids will enjoy it.   Poaching is much less complicated than it sounds, and is less smelly than pan frying.
Prep time 15 mins
Cook time 10 mins

4-6 oz salmon fillet per person
Hoisin sauce: 1 tbs per filet
Scallion: about 1 stalk per fillet
1 lemon
Your choice of plain or flavored rice

How to:

Chop scallions into 1/2 slices,  reserve green tops for decorative garnish.
Slice lemon into thin slices, set aside
Wash salmon filets in cool water.
Arrange salmon filets in a single layer top of a double boiler,  or use a veggie steamer in a sauce pan*.  
Make sure to have a few inches of water below the fish, but do not submerge filets.
Top each filet with @ 1 tbs. Hoisin sauce and sprinke with scallion slices.
Cover and allow fish to steam for @ 10 mins/inch of thickness, when fish appears opaque, it is cooked.

While cooking, you can start your rice and make fancy scallion garnish like this:

Place the cooked salmon on a bed of rice with a slice of lemon and a sprig of scallion. Yum.

*Unless you have a fancy fish poacher like this:

Feeling more adventurous? Here's a salmon recipe from Kikkoman that looks great.

A word from Gen & Foo:

We LOVES salmon!   Just be very careful what you touch, or else, you might have this problem.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sharing: unique ways to help Haitian earthquake survivors

Mom says the ground got very shaken up in a place called Haiti. So many humans are hurt and homeless it's very hard to image the magnitude of it. She wanted to share two things she learned about to help the people there......
Fat Quarter Shop, one of mom's favorite [crack dealer] suppliers is sponsoring Quilt Auctions of over 20 gorgeous handmade items donated by designers and quiltmakers. Proceeds will be given to one of several agencies providing relief in Haiti. Please check out these beautiful items.

Over at one of mom's favorite blogs, Kelcey Kintner of the mamabird diaries has offered to donate a dollar for each comment on her blog today. Two other website are matching her donation, so please go on over and leave a comment. Just make sure your not eating or drinking while you read her blog, mom says. She is hysterical, and you'll just laugh so hard, you might choke. or spit a mouthful all over your desk. We warned you.....


Gen & the Foo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

On the long sticks again.....

All by ourselves..........


Mom and Agent Awesome have abandoned us again to go ride the long stick on the cold mountain.

How fair is that?

(Agent Awesome tried out her new gear)

(Representative picture, as Mom was too lazy to download a more recent one)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Foo-dini strikes again!

But this time it was inside!

Mom and all the humans went away and left us here to entertain ourselves. Humpf! We surely don't conside having a food dispenser, even is she was human, terribly caring. So, Fuji busted us out of the basement, through not one but TWO gates and into the kitchen, so we could leave eveyone a message to show how we feel about being left behind.....

(Not actual gates, but mom is too lazy to take pictures.)

(Not actual message, which was, unfortunately cleaned by the dog-sitter.)

We're not sure why anyone would want to spend two days out in the cold sliding down tall mountains on long sticks. It doesn't make much sense to us, but the humans seem to like it. It's called skiing....whatever.

They claim to have had fun. (Really, what could be more fun that twirling in circles, begging for food and belly rubs and sniffing out the prefect spot for a pee?) Here, see for yourself:

Hopefully next time those humans get any bright ideas, they'll rember not to mess with us!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Foo-dini........Strikes again!

The amazing, the incomprable, the SNEAKY Foo-dini is at it again. This afternoon as I opened the car door in the garage, I notice a certain familiar sounds.

The distinctive snort-breath of a......pug. And there was Foo-dine herself waiting to greet me after a long, cold, wet day at work. Isn't that sweet? Well, of course it is......but, wait just a minute!

Foo-dini entered the garage from the OUTSIDE. As in out the gated backyard in several inches of now, around front, and stealthily into the garage I just opened as I pulled in.

I DO NOT KNOW how this dog manages to get herself out! And Gen isn't telling.
And so, Fuji has earned yet another nickname!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How DO you measure a year?

Even though the handy Blogversary counter has been reminding me that the big day was approaching quickly, I'm still taken a bit by suprise. A year......huh.

Now it would be typical to post a retrospective of 2009. so I won't do that.

I'll just say that if a year has 525,600 minutes, about 300,000 were spent sleeping by two lazy little pugs. And good things happened, then some bad one. And some more good ones.

And we made friends. Lots of them, furry and not so furry.

Thanks for joining us on the ride!


Gen, the Foo and the rest of the gang

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fuji Friday! & Fashion Show

I've been bugging mom for months to do "Fuji Friday!". Here's a tip, all you have to do is have a scary old seizure. So, at long last.....it's MY day.

First, I told mom to tell everyone that I am feeling really well today. Ever since we got back from the vet, I've been great. I'm even able to get up and down the steps all by myself. Still, I am milking this for all it's worth and enjoying all the spoiling I am getting. So don't tell my peeps how good I'm feeling, OK?

Next, I've been pestering Mom to tell the story of how I became a member of the family.

It all started back in 2007 when I was surrendered to NIRPA (Northern IL Pug Rescue.) I was fostered by a family outside of Chicago with LOTS of other pugs. It was really fun to have so many other pugs to play with, free run of the the house....including the ability to couch surf at will, and a nice big back yard to frolic in. Yet, living with some many otherpugs can be a little overwhelming. My foster parents took very good care of me when my original family couldn't take care of me anymore; and best of all, the kept me company till me new family found me.

When my new pawrents came to meet me the day after after Thanksgiving 2007, I was a little scared. Some of the othe other pugs I was living with were really cute. After all, I was eight years old, and most families want those adorable little puppies. What if my new pawrents didn't want me? I knew it was a BIG day.

They brought along another pug, and she gave me lots of sniffs. She told me her name was Genevieve and that her pawrents were pretty good. She said she gots lots of treats and belly rubs ALL the time. So I really wanted to go home with my new family. The ride home was very scary because I did not know where I was going. We stopped at the big PetSmart, but I was a little confused and tried to jump out of the back of the car. Fortunately, my pawrents were ready for that and caught me before I leaped and got hurt by a car.

Gen was right, now that I've been living with my new family for over two years, I can say a pug gets lots of belly rubs around here. We also get some pretty good treats too. And when the momma cooks yummy stuff like roast beasts and chickens, there is always a little bit leftover for us pugs. Sometimes we go for long walks in the neighborhood, but usually we get to hang out in our big backyard - when I don't slip through the fence that is. Hmm, mom's shaking her head, better not mention that episode! Not a bad retirement, I have to say.

Did you notice my chic little leopard cape? That's the fashion show portion of this blog post. Agent #2 decided I needed some fancy clothes today. Please call her Agent Awesome for now on though, OK?

Well, this pug is all tuckered out! I gotta take my nap now. Stay tuned for the next installment of "Fuji Friday" where I will make momma explain how I got my name.

And now, here's our New Year's Eve photo:

Happy 2010!

Love, The Foo