Monday, August 31, 2009

Where willyou be on October 17th ?

We'll be here, hanging with our Chi-town pug buddies....come join the fun. Lots of drool, snort and snores.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dog Days of August

Trying to at least act like a normal family, we decided to spend a peaceful week at the beach in nearby Michigan. Slightly easier said, than done. Add two teenagers, two other kids, two adults, one physically challenged child, mix in two dags and add a helper. Plus luggage, 5 bicycles and a large dog crate. You get a little bit of...well....chaos. See what I mean?

Apparently not everyone is as "dog friendly" as we are. So we needed a house that was large enough for everyone, handicap accessible AND permitted dogs (plural.) Yeah, did I mention easier said than done?

I did find a place which turned out to be absolutely perfect. Thanks Jason! The nearby beach did allow dogs. Since Gen and Fuji had never been to the beach, I decided to see what would happen. See for yourselves:

Hmmmm, moving stuff out there.......
I can ruuuuuuun!

Really fast!

Maybe I can catch it?

Not so sure about this, it's cold!

OOOH, it's FUN to run!
See my ears flapping in the breeze?
All wet...can we do that again?
Turns out Gen LOVES the beach!!!! She loved feeling the breeze lift her ears and splashing in the water. She ran up and down the beach while the girls were in the lake until she was totally exhausted (for a pug, that's about 15 minutes.)
Fuji...well not so much..........

Friday, August 28, 2009

He's my hero.......

He's my hero.......
Desperately hot.......and he pays off other people's vet bills?
What more can I say. Click on the photo to read more.
TMZ's version....and the Pug is named Lolita.