Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Eyes Have it.......

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Foo had her follow up at the Eye Vet today.   There is no need to discuss the $137.00 charge..... But

We are happy to report that she is
and on her way to a full recovery!

Thanks for all the Paw Power!

                                       Gen & the Foo

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Out of Office Message:

We are at a very important business meeting.

We will be back on Monday morning.

Gen & Lefty

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Packing for Camp!

We are so excited for Sunflower Camp!!

As peomised, we are bringing the GIANT Marshmallows for S'mores over the campfire.  Without thumbs, it's hard to roast those marshmallows, but we will find a way!


We think Mom has a little OCD.  She wanted to make sure we have EVERYTHING we might possibly needs, so here is what she packed:

Extra-strong hiking harness

and boots to protect our paws

Of course, something to keep us cool.......
PugPack to hold all our stuff!

A nice cozy tent to keep us warm and bug-free,

Dog sized sleeping bags!

For going in the lake (cuz we Pugs kinda sink),

Always leave only foot prints......

And, de-stinkifier,
just in case we maybe roll in some gross stuff.

Gen: Foo, would you roll in stinky stuff? 
Foo: Never, NOT ME!

We are so excited to go to camp!   We can't wait to see Wilma and all our Sunflower sisters!

Gen & Lefty

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lefty's a Champ!

Today was Foo's follow up visit at the eye vet.  Her eyeball looks like it's repositioned itself back where it belongs, or, close enough.  Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have sight in the eye, and that's probably permanent.   She's getting around really well, so it should not be a problem for her.  PSA: even thought the eye isn't functional, if the ulcer gets badly infected, it will need to be removed.   I think Foo has had quite enough surgery already.

Here she is with Dr. Mohoric.   Cute, huh?   As you can see, Foo did a pretty good job of cooperating with the doc and his assistant.  She does have an ulceration that we need to clear up, so its 2 medicines, each 6 times a day.  Her other eye is doing well but will always need the Tacrolimus drops for dry eye.

Ok - total for the Foo:  2 drops, six times a day.  1 drop, 2x day.   2 pills twice a day, and two pills once a day.   I've totally lost count!  

So Gen was feeling kind of left out......and we took her for a check-up too. Well, turns out she has some pretty serious problems too.   Poor tear production,  and chronic dry eye have allowed verydark pigmentation to develop.  He thinks it is impairing Gen's vision. That's possible, but she can see a speck of food at 20 paces......so I don't think she's suffering.    So, she get Tacrolimus for life too.

Hmmm, who makes that stuff? I think I'd better buy some stock!

Shoulda been a vet.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Call her Drama Queen.....

Is it time to change her name from Lefty to......
Or maybe she is just not the "Outdoorsy Type"?

I should probably start by saying that I'm OK!   But here's the whole story:

Mom and Honey decided to take a quick getaway over the weekend, since Mom has never seen "the house in Wisconsin".    So, they loaded up the car with all sorts of crap,  including our crate!

Because the Foo (me) couldn't be left with just anyone.  All those eye drops, you know. So, a road trip to Wisconsin it was.   We've been to Wisconsin before to go to PugFest, and that was OK, so we were excited.

Except it was pretty hot out around here.   But Mom cranked up the A/C in the car, and all was good.  I got to sit on her lap for most of the way too.  Did you know that the floor in front of the passenger seat is the exact perfect size for a Foo?  She even carried me into the grocery store when we got the Prtizl's for "provisions" (Honey forgot the buns).   And we even got our  personal fan up at the house.   

This is me, enjoying the wilderness, from the deck.
That's my "Before" shot.

And here's Gen.

Note the creative use of the forks by Honey, who forgot a few parts for the grill.

For most of the way back, I was doing fine.   Crazy Honey HAD to go see the Ten Chimneys Historial Landmark.  Honey thought is was some kind of Native/Indian natural landmark, but no.  It had something to with actors. Whateves. He and mom got completely eaten by 'squitos.  Serves em right.   Then mom HAD to stop at this quilt shop. Patched Works. Yeah right, like she doesn't have enough UFOs! 

At the quilt shop, Honey took us on a nice quick walk while momma was shopping and we were both just fine.   But when momma took us out of the car at home,  I had a puffed up belly, was really hot and having trouble standing, along with my exaggerated panting.   Now I am an old girl, so I do pant alot.  But mom knew this was just not right.   

So I got a quick ride to my old friends at Animal 911.  They were REALLY worried about me.  I had to stay overnight, with oxygen and a tubie down my nose (yuck). They gave me an IV and lots of medicines to help my breathing.   They checked on me all night. By the time momma came back in the morning, I was able to breath  all by myself, no more tubbie. See:

I'm not quite my energetic old self, but I'm breathing OK and just taking it easy.   My regular vet even called to see what kind of trouble I got my self into this time!  See my aligator head stuffie?  He's helping to keep me comfy.  I get to take 4 different medicines every day for about a week.   That translates into a lot of WHIPPY CREAM!  And take a look at my EYE!   It's almost all better now. It must be allPaw Power my friends are sending!  See, it's WORKING!

Don't I look comfy?

And let's not forget Big Sister Gen, who has been watching over me. Right now she is laying low (ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz) to keep the excitement level down so I can recover.   Thanks, Gen.

Fuji the Drama Queen

Monday, July 19, 2010

Power of the Paw needed....again

After what seemed like an idylic overnight trip to the rugged land of Wisconsin - a state known far and wide for it's cheese and Green Bay Packers - the Foo seems to be fighting health issues one more time.

When we got home, I noticed she was quite warm and had a belly full of air.   Although the car was heavily air conditioned during our trip, it looks like the heat was a bit too much for her.

Tonite she is at the ER vet on oxygen and fluids to help get her stable.   The tissue aound her throat, which was quite thickened to begin with became very swollen and is making it hard for her to get enough oxygen right now.  Hopefully fluids, mediations and oxygen will be all the support she needs to turn the corner.

I guess she did not like the family cabin in Wisconsin.......

Please send the Power of the Paw to her so she can recover quickly,



PUPDATE:  Spoke with the ER vet @ 10:30.  Foo is sleeping & comfortable. Her breathing is slightly eased, but still not where we want it.   She will continue getting fluids, O2, and meds through the night.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ode to a Pug.......by Agent Awesome

The Fuji Eye Song
Written by Agent Awesome
with a little help from Mom,
and inspired by Fuji's cone head

Fuji sitting on the carpet
Her eye went plop,
She called the doc
She has surgereeeeeeee

She came home, wearing a cone
with an eye injureeeee
It was all sewn up
What a strong pup
Fuji the strong pugeeee

Fuji was okay, ready to play
The she got her drops,
hoping for it to stop.

She needed a rest,
the doctor request (ed)
a very big payment from Momeeeee

Now Fuji's okay,
knowing she may

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the mend.......

Nothing major to report, just a little better every day.

Lefty, formerly known as the Foo, is taking her drops like a man.  Although it seems easier when two humans are on the job!

Almost all the swelling has subsided, but the eyeball remains really gross!   And since the sweling is down, we can see a lot more of that eye!

There aren't are new pictures, so here are a few old ones I thought you might like.   They are from one of the artists who had a booth at PugFest last May.

Hey, these guys look like us!!

Yeah, sometimes we smell.
You gotta a problem with that?

We don't exactly understand this one.

OK. See, we are not the only ones thinking that!

See ya soon.
(Oops. No pun intended.....)

Gen & Lefty

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pupdate & .......THE PACKAGE!!

Gen & the Foo were sooooo excited to win Salinger's giveaway from Taste of the Wild!!   It's so much fun to get a package, especially if it contains foodables.

Unfortunately, several calamities have conspired to delay a post about hte contents of their package.    So first, we'll have to talk about this:


This is NOT what arrived in the mail. Rather, it is all the medicines Foo has been given to fix her broken eye. Today, momma took her to see the the puggy eye doctor.   She will have to keep her eye closed for 2 to 3 weeks.  After that, we'll try to find out if she can see and move her eyeball.  For now, that's all we can do.  But he did change her medicines. While he was at it,  the eye specialist also checked out her her good eye and a few problems were found.  (thanks Dr.Mohoric!!)  Dry eye, very common in pugs was severe, and there was also a mild infection of the lid. Some of these have been discontined. From the left (no pun intended):
  • Metacam - for inflammation (#2)
  • Tobramycin - 2nd antibiotic
  • Artificicial Tear Ointment
  • Tacrolimus - tear stimulant (and chemotherpay agent)
  • Triple Antibiotic ointment
  • Rimidyl - first anti-inflammatory
  • Number of vets seen: 2
  • Number of medications being given: 4
  • Number of drops per day: 10
And now........we turn to more exciting news!!!!
We could not open this ourselves, so the momma had to help.  It was soooooo exciting!
And look at all the booty we found inside:
I guess the nice lady at Taste of the Wild doesn't know that we don't do tricks.
So I sniffed and sniffed all the goodies.   There was all  kinds of foodables. And a gigantic collar......what breed did that lady think she was sending her box too?    An English Bulldog?   We'll have to find a big buddy to send that too. Can anyone think of a furiend with a giant neck? And there was also a piece of paper.  It didn't smell like much but momma liked it.   She said it was useful to get MORE foodables, so I am OK with that.
(We put that up sideways so the Foo Lefty can read it)
Here's Lefty checking out the booty before her "injury."
Mom, seriously, look at all this stuff!   Canned food (for Lefty),   kibbles (for me)  chewy stars in THREE sizes!   Hey, wait, is someone suggesting my breath is less than delightful??
I scarfed up my chewy so fast, momma could not even get a picture. Dentally challenged Foo, I mean Lefty,  gnawed and gnawed.  Finally after like an hour, mom had to take her chewy and throw it away.  Seriously, she only has like 5 teeth left, what were ya thinking, mom?
We can't wait to taste the real foodables....but more on that later.
Gen & Lefty 


Monday, July 5, 2010

Eye ya Yai! or...The Cone of Silence

The Foo wanted to thank all of her pug and human friends for their kind words of support, and for sending out the Power of the Paw.   She is at home now, slightly drunken, but feeling OK.

He eye is sutured closed to help it heal. 
Hopefully, when the swelling subsides her eyeball will go back where it belongs.
The Foo seems very comfortable, even with......the


It's clear. She does not seem to notice it, but is bumping into things because she is not used to the extra space she needs.   Otherwise, she seems just fine.  

She'll be spending the next few nights in the
"Inner Sanctum"
of momma's bedroom in her new soft crate.
It's a special treat because no pugs are allowed in human bedrooms.
And I have to give her eye drops 847 times a day.  
30 minutes apart. So you can see how that could be a problem......

We'll keep you all posted, 
and keep sending the
Power of the Paw!!

*for those of you who can remember Get Smart!

My new BFF, Animal 911

Clearly, the holiday weekend was progressing too smoothly..........

Gen & the Foo had a little tussle over breakfast this morning, resulting in a really gross, bulgy look eye for the Foo.    Eeeewww.  Oh, wait, GROSS - this is serious!

Oh, you were thinking we'd put up photo of that grossness?
Come on, we've got some dignity.  
Well, maybe not. 
But I was not able to get a photo while racing down the block, blinkers on, nearly running red lights to get to the ER vet.

Fortunately, we were able to get Foo over there within 10 minutes. The vet wasn't able to reposition her eye (right, in case anyone cares) on the first try, so she will need to be sedated.   Hopefully, the eye will heal and no further treatment will be needed.

I saw Foo just before her surgery, and she was pretty, well, drunk.   But I told her she was really brave.  And seriously, eye patches are really a fashion problem.  

Please send eye healing thoughts!  
(Chocolate works too)

iUpdate:   Foo made it through surgery, but the vet was not able to get her eye in the completely correct position (due to swelling).   She had to suture the lids closed to help it heal.   We'll need to watch her carefully, and with medication and drops, hope for the best.