Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chicago MeetUp, or, The One Where They Meet Nattie & Klausie

Something very exciting happened today!!
Dad went off to play golf......well, that's not so exciting. He always does that if there is no snow.

Mom loaded us into the care - and not to go to the vet.   It was time for some pug socialization!  Finally. there were no conflicts, all the stars aligned.....and we were on our way to MeetUp.

See how excited we are to be going on a ride?
Mom drove us into the big city to go meet some fellow flat faces.
When we got there, it was already a mad house.
Curly tails everywhere!!
And this here is Mr.Big.
He's the brains behind the meetup location, Chicago Party Animals.

Today's meetup was also a fundraiser for NIPRA
that's where the Foo got rescued from.
This is Miss Aimee giving Foo a massage.
Like a true Diva*, Foo just ate up the attention and pampering.    Miss Aimee noticed that Foo's front paws were pretty tight,  probably from her bum back paws.  She got some of that arthritis in her hips, you know.

Mean while,    I (Gen) ran around like a maniac. Much but sniffing ensured.   
A deuce *may* have been dropped.
And then,  two very special pugs came in.   It was Nattie & Klausie!!!!
That's their mom, Mariel loving on Nattie, and some other guy is his 4th of July costume. 
Seriously - it was nuts how many pugs were there!!
Can you see any pugs with colorful bandanas?
Those guys are looking for some forever homes.  
Foo tried to tell them what to do so they could find their new families like she did.

Oh, and there we all are:   That's Gen in the blue,  me  in the orange,  
Klausie  is next to me, and Nattie is squeezed somewhere in there next to her mom.
ANd then, we left the way we our new "JackWagon"!!

There is so much more to tell, and more pictures to share.......but we are pooped!

MeetUp Part II next time.

*Diva: a polite term used instead of the more derogatory "slut".   You know who you are.