Thursday, February 26, 2009

The mystery of the fishy brownies......

A few days ago, I bought an impulse box of brownie mix. Ahg.....$3.29 of wasteful spending. Since I bought it, I figured I'd better actually use it.

#2 was very helpful as my ingredient finder, measurer and mixer. A great teachable moment - she is working on fractions, and her 12 tables. We use muffin and mini-muffing pans so there is no cutting of sticky brownie required - a huge time and mess saver. We only managed to get to 2 dozen though.

When the brownies were done, we were all excited to have a taste..............and all simulatneously scrunched up our faces after the first bite.
Not exactly bad, but absolutely a "salmon after-taste."
How the heck did that happen??????

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