Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A few days ago, Mom told us some startling news......we were getting a visitor.
Not just for a day or two, but for a while.  
"How long?"  we asked........
"As long as it takes" Mom said.

Mom explained that there was a sad pug out there who needed a safe place to be.  
She's a puppy mill survivor.  
A what?  
What's a puppy mill?
A place that's not good for dogs.  
Where there are only cages,  and no families, or playing, or even names.
No belly rubs or treats.
The only important thing is making new puppies.

So when Mom heard that Kentukiana Pug Rescue needed some more foster homes, she agreed to keep a pug-in-need safe till a new home could be found.

A few hours later:

OK, it was really 2 days.
Mom gave us a big pep talk about being nice to thte new kid in tow.
Here's a picture of the official
"Pug Welcoming Committee"

The Foo really enjoys her nightly glass or Pinot Grigio.

And here she is!
Poor Ruby was shaking in Mr. KPR's arms.

Much butt sniffing ensued, and we showed her our backyard.
And then our deck, and finally inside the house.
Ruby was a wreck, and could not stop shaking, even when Mom was holding her.

In the past 4 days, she's gotten more comfortable around our house.
At first, she clained a spot on the carpet and wouldn't budge.  Everytime Mom picked her up to try to get her to drink, eat or pee, she ran right back to her "spot". So Mom put a dog bed down for her.

We are trying not to give her the cold paw, but boy, is she weird!   She doesn't know her own name!   
 And she doesn't know how to go for a walk on a leash.  She scares herself when she shakes her own tags.  She jumps everytime theres a loud noise.  And she wouldn't eat for a whole day. (now that's crazy!)  She doesn't know how to play.
She likes to jump around, sniff stuff and generally act strange.   During nap time. 
After four days she is starting to get a bit tired.

But she is good at making Mom a little crazy.
Here's a shot of us messing with Mom when she was trying to take a picture of us all.
Ha, Ha...........

At least she snores just like us!

She is starting be kinda fun to be around,
but we really hope she can find a forever home soon.

Gen & the Foo
and Ruby too!


Payton said...

Aww, sweet Ruby! Our hearts go out to the poor thing. I'm so glad you guys are giving her a great home until she finds the perfect family!

Vito and Gina said...

Oh Ruby! She's so scared. You know it takes a WHOLE LOT for me to feel compassion for anyone else. Because I'm pretty Vito-centric. But I feel it for Ruby! You guys will get used to her in no time and you will be surprised how fast she gets used to you!!! (DO NOT TELL MY MOM THAT I SAID ANY OF THIS!!!! I HAVE AN IMAGE TO PROTECT!)

Be sweet to her! She looks kind of like a keeper there all sprawled out in her dog bed. It must feel so much better than that wire crate she used to live in. :(

Thanks to you and your mom for opening your home to a girl in need! (Even if I don't thank my mom for doing the same. MOM, NO MORE FOSTERS, do you hear me???)


The Mama Monster said...

My heart breaks for her!!!! Poor sweet girl! Just give her a little time and she'll be romping and rolling around with your two... Make sure to give her lots of lovies!!!!

Noodles said...

Mommy just grabbed me and gave me a BIG hug that she said she wishes she could give to Ruby. Treat her nicely now and help her see the good in the world.
Love Noodles

pugsx4 said...

Welcome sweet Ruby. We four pugs have a boxer sister Tia that was a puppy mill rescue, she was the same way when we got her two years ago. She didn't know how to play or run (or poop) on grass. She is much better now, she loves to chase us pugs and cuddle with us on our beds.
She still is afraid of loud noises. We use rescue remedy and the thunder shirt during storms and the fouth of July.
You can find rescue remedy at GNC and it's all natural.
Kudos to all of you for opening your home to such a worthy cause.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi gen, foo, ruby and mom!
oh you are soooo wonderful!
your post made me smile from ear to ear!

ruby is soooo lucky to have all of you!

i cannot wait to see how she blossoms now that she is safe and sound in your loving home!

thank you for taking her in and opening your hearts to her!

you are a very special family!

a & m

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Hey guys! Thank you for taking Ruby in until she learns how to be a pug. It will come. Our friend Lilo is a mill survivor and she's pretty much a real pug now.
Mom said that you can rubber band the tags together to keep them from banging together. And we use the DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) plug in. Amazon has the best prices. It helps us be nicer to the fosters that come through our house and helps the fosters calm down, too.
With love and patience, Ruby will become the pug she was meant to be, cherished and treasured.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Welcome Ruby...cutie pie! We hope the girls take good care of you their and you find a loving family to care for you forevers.

the girls

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Gen, Foo, and mom.
Your hearts are so tender and big for taking in little Ruby.
Little Ruby just does not know how to be loved, but I know that in time you will show her how good it feels.
Ruby is adorable and she looks to me like she loves her little bed on the floor.
I send you lots of love to share with her.
Love tweedles

The Devil Dog said...

Oh, the poor thing. You guys have to help her learn how to be a pug. A fun loving happy pug. I know you can do it. I would help, but we don't want her to get too many of my bad habits.

Roxy & Lucky

PS give her hugs from each of us, please.

Sandy said...

Oh..she is a doll, too. I'm so glad you are able to take her in and help her get adjusted to a better life!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

HI my friends
How is Ruby doing?

We saw you modeling your beautiful sweaters over at Melissa and Archies. You are so beautiful in those beautious sweaters! We love the colors!

Salinger The Pug said...

Aww...we're just catching up and LOVE LOVE LOVE sweet Miss Ruby! That is such a nice thing to take care of her for a while and teach her to be a Diva Puggy!

Keep us posted! It looks like you two girls (and mom!) have your work cut out for you!