Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be careful what you wish just might get it

If I just had handicap plates,

my life would be

. much easier.

If I just had handicap more searching for a parking spot near the entrace and a curb cut.

If I just had handicap more pesky (undeserved) tickets.

If I just had handicap more schleping children or one-ton strollers and backpacks across a parking lot.

If I just had handicap plates.......I could pretend I was normal.

So, as you can see, I finally did send in the form I got after I sent in the form, which had to be signed by the doctor, with the check. Of course, I did this incorrectly and got a call from the Secretary Of State's office. I took several days to get through to them, but apparently, I'd OVERpaid. Checked my mailbox every day for two weeks. And got these:

I immediately put them on the car. No easy feat, as the licensce plate screws had rusted in place. So I got the drill, to get those suckers undone. But then the extension cord was too short, so I had to turn on the car and move it....3 inches.

And then, I cried. Because I really do need them. Permanently.


DESJ and Company said...

Hi Peta....great post!
Can I ask you a question, though? I thought that in order to get the plates (vs the placard) the handicapped person's name had to be on the title. Was that not true?

agent99 said...

That's why I had to get the note from the doc to apply for the app to get the plate. You can go online to Sec of State to get the form...but once SOS got it, they did work fast. Do you NOT have a HC plate? I got soooo many tickets even w/the placard, I finally gave in. They also let me keep the placard for caregivers.