Monday, January 5, 2009

The mystery of the pug on the kitchen island.....or how did the cereal box get on the floor?

The pugs spent the day at their "other house".....because it's not fair if only the kids are from "two house" families. Yes, even the dogs are from a "broken" home.

But I digress. Honey came home to find one pug on the island....the island that is 40" above the floor. Imagine, if you will, a pug on the counter at bar heigh. Apparently not afraid of heights.........Curious.

Even more curious: the above noted box of cereal on the floor. Cereal? Undisturbed.
The other pug won't say a thing. Those who know the pugs can guess who was up, and who was down.
I would have really like to see how this happened.........

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