Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What? No Pug-lympics?

Seriously. There must have been some mistake.  We had BIG plans for the 2016 Pug-lympic Games in Chicago.   How could this be?    We are devastated.

We dreamed of assembling top-notch talent for unbeatable teams.......

.......  and watching exciting heats of super-canine feats......

.......of all kinds......

Including our buddy Salinger's event: Greco-Roman Puggery!

.......of hosting pugs from all over the world, like Mexico (Ole')

......putting forth our best efforts in all events, like sunbathing as seen here:

....and bringing home the Gold for pugs everywhere.

..... listening proudly as the Pug National Anthem as we stood on the awards podium.......

We could have hosted our pug friends from near and far,
but no.
It's Rio in 2016.
How exactly are we supposed to fit into a thong?


Salinger The Pug said...

Sheeeeeesh....tell me about it! I heard mom talking about this "Brazilian Wax" business and I am SOOOOO NOT DOWN with this!!!!

I was counting on Chicago so I could eat hot dogs in the name of patriotism!!!!

Oh well....

Happy Hump Day!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

OMD! Thongs...there ok to chew on but I wouldn't try one on your cute puggy butt heheh!!!

agent99 said...

S-dog...I saw your post in the middle of writing mine. Ok I let mom do the typing. Agree on the wax issue, completely. You are always welcome to down some Chicago-style weiners at our place. I mean, our pee spots are your pee spots, seriously!

S&T: we were kinda hoping the same thing. hehehe

Gen & the Foo

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Brazil can have the Puglympics, but I'm not waxing anything!! There is no need for a bare naked pug!!! However, the idea of noshin' on some hot dogs did sound good!!

Anonymous said...

haha you will have to get a brazilian first heehee.

You can come watch the pugwinter olympics this febuary at my place in Vancouver!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

pug-lympics should still be held!

let's charter our own pug plane!

i'm in! i have been practicing my nose licking technique and i think i am medal material!


dw said...

I think we should let Brazil have the Olympics and Chicago can host the Puglympics! Who needs all those sweaty people walking around town anyway! Heeeee! Snorting, farting puggies are soo much better!