Monday, March 9, 2009

The song of the sump pump #1

{Not} posted on March 8.....
Sunday marks the anniversary of the "really big flood in my brand newly remodeled basement". An interesting milestone, to say the least. Just 30 days after moving into my totally gut-rehabbed-fully-handicap-accesible home, flood waters rushed in through every conceivable opening, and a few non-openings to leave me with 6 inches of scummy water in my once beautiful family room and sewing studio. It was See:

Buh bye, beautiful engineered wood floor. Sayonara crispy white base board. Adios, bottom 24" of "Barley" walls. Oh, and 16 of my completed scrapbooks. And my hoarded fabric and quilting supplies, see ya. Hello blood-suckers.....I mean Flood Suckers. (Bye-bye $6 grand.)
And so, as I spent the one year anniversary listeing to the rush of water filling the ($5,000) french drain system, and the rhythmic surge of the sump pump pushing the water up, out, and into the sewer line, I actually felt a a profound sense of calm.

I found the problem, and solved it. After throwing tons of cash I don't really have at it, that is.

And then, I noticed the squish squish of the the carpet tiles in #1's room........

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Heather and Walter said...

That chair looks verrrrrrry comfortable! I wonder if your brother and his pelvic fracture would like to sit in it? Did your brother like to sit/lay down alot? Or did standing end up being more comfortable? I'm trying to track walters preferred spot. I think he likes sleeping, any which way he can.