Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Could it possibly be Day 24?

Yup. That's what the calendar says.....

24 days of cheapskate challenge.
As I look at the menu plan, I have to say, we have kept pretty much on track. Tonite's meal: tuna burgers. The team ( primarily #2) was not enthused. Then I rememebered that I swapped something else for "Beef Taco" night...because I'd forgotten to take the beef out of the freezer on time. Thus, we had the meal formerly know as "February 17".

So easy......so yummy. And pretty cheap. I did have to make a quick stop at the (magical) produce market for lettuce though. Of course that turned into a head-of-lettuce-plus-some extra-tomatos-and onions and-peppers- for-next-week, but still just $32. With a bottle of wine and an impulse box of brownie mix.
There was even a little bit of leftover taco filling and veggies for a lunch or snack tomorrow. (Yum.)
Just 4 more day till take-out!

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