Thursday, July 22, 2010

Packing for Camp!

We are so excited for Sunflower Camp!!

As peomised, we are bringing the GIANT Marshmallows for S'mores over the campfire.  Without thumbs, it's hard to roast those marshmallows, but we will find a way!


We think Mom has a little OCD.  She wanted to make sure we have EVERYTHING we might possibly needs, so here is what she packed:

Extra-strong hiking harness

and boots to protect our paws

Of course, something to keep us cool.......
PugPack to hold all our stuff!

A nice cozy tent to keep us warm and bug-free,

Dog sized sleeping bags!

For going in the lake (cuz we Pugs kinda sink),

Always leave only foot prints......

And, de-stinkifier,
just in case we maybe roll in some gross stuff.

Gen: Foo, would you roll in stinky stuff? 
Foo: Never, NOT ME!

We are so excited to go to camp!   We can't wait to see Wilma and all our Sunflower sisters!

Gen & Lefty


Stubby said...

Hi Gen & Lefty! A little OCD? Are you friggin' kidding me? You guys are going to camp not heading to Survivor Nicaragua! Sheesh! You need to ditch some of those 'unessentials' and pack more marshmellows!

Stubby xoxo

agent99 said...

No worries. I'm hauling the gear. Foo's pack is FULL of marshmallows!


PeeS: Sshhhhh. Don't say the "S" word. Mom's favorite show....she's have us auditioning in a New York minute!!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh Gen and Left!!

We's looking forward to seeing yous this weekends!!!!!


Izzy and Josie

We's glad (lefty) yous eyeball is placed well, we's sorry 'bout yous eyesite... Maybe's we's find some magical heeling waters at camp!!

Yoda & Brutus said...

Wow, that is alot of stuff to carry!

Have fun :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Becky said...

You 2 are gonna have so much fun! Smores sound really good right about now! Be safe and don't forget insect repellent, sunscreen and lots of water cause it's hot out there!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

hey what cool gear you got!!!
I am sooooo jealous
see you soon