Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lefty's a Champ!

Today was Foo's follow up visit at the eye vet.  Her eyeball looks like it's repositioned itself back where it belongs, or, close enough.  Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have sight in the eye, and that's probably permanent.   She's getting around really well, so it should not be a problem for her.  PSA: even thought the eye isn't functional, if the ulcer gets badly infected, it will need to be removed.   I think Foo has had quite enough surgery already.

Here she is with Dr. Mohoric.   Cute, huh?   As you can see, Foo did a pretty good job of cooperating with the doc and his assistant.  She does have an ulceration that we need to clear up, so its 2 medicines, each 6 times a day.  Her other eye is doing well but will always need the Tacrolimus drops for dry eye.

Ok - total for the Foo:  2 drops, six times a day.  1 drop, 2x day.   2 pills twice a day, and two pills once a day.   I've totally lost count!  

So Gen was feeling kind of left out......and we took her for a check-up too. Well, turns out she has some pretty serious problems too.   Poor tear production,  and chronic dry eye have allowed verydark pigmentation to develop.  He thinks it is impairing Gen's vision. That's possible, but she can see a speck of food at 20 I don't think she's suffering.    So, she get Tacrolimus for life too.

Hmmm, who makes that stuff? I think I'd better buy some stock!

Shoulda been a vet.




Melissa and Emmitt said...

your girls are champs!
i am so glad everyone is doing so well!
emmitt injured his right eye several years ago and had it sewn shut for 3 weeks. it does not work either but he has never looked back! he has also had the dry eye medication for years and has done very well on it.
our puggies are so resilient and wonderful teachers of life aren't they?
sending you all huge hugs!
m & e

Stubby said...

Hi Gen & The Foo Mom! I couldn't be happier that The Foo is doing better. It's a bummer that she can't see out of her eye but at least she's not in pain. I'm sure she'll get around okay with vision in just one eye.

I can't believe Gen has eye issues too. I can't see food from 20 paces away but I can hear it and smell it. Nothing gets past me!

Stubby xoxo

BRUTUS said...

wow, you are going to be excellent eye-drop-putter-inners! Maybe you could do it professionally....

Brutus & Carmen (no strangers to dry eye)

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Poor Blind Babies!!!! We are sending love, support and seeing eye pugs to help you through!!! Glad everyone is feeling better!!!!



Sequoia & Petunia said...

Yeahs for Foo!!! We are so happy she is feeling better and her eye is back were it belongs. Tuni is on Tacrolimus twice a day too. We need to buy stock!!! Sequoia has some dry eye and pigment build up in one eye we just give her natural tear over the counter, less expensive. Hope everyones eyes feel better.

Jenn Tuni and Sequoia

Wilma said...

Wow, your not kidding about being a vet. I'm the one with all the eye problems around here. I had surgery about 5 years ago to fix my eyelids that were rolling in irritating the eye. Same for me tacrolimus and eye ointment 3 times a day for years now. I don't let it hold me back though. Very proud of you Foo for being so good for the eye doc. Now that you are feeling better,you can cutloose this weekend at camp. Don't worry about your eyedrops, my Mom is a pro at putting them in too!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your such a brave heart letting the dr look at your eye ball.
I am relieved to know the eye is back where it belongs.
I know its a pain in the you know what to get all those drops, but your mommy and daddys are trying to helps you get better.
So be a sweety just like you always are! yup.... your a champ for sure

Kathie said...

My name is Kathie and Wilma suggested I write you about my pug Okey who, last night popped his eye ball out. He had emergency surgery and is home today recovering. What exactly happened to your dog? Okey was barking at a neighbor's dog and I believe the pressure from his collar popped his eye out. Any info would help

agent99 said...

Katie; please get in touch by email or phone and I'll tell ya the whole gory story. It's important to get that eye back in and MOIST, ASAP. My vet did mention that even pressure from a collar or pulling on the scruff of the neack is enough for the eye to pop; but the good news is that the same anatomy that allows the out also allows it back in.
I'm sure your dog will be fine, but there are some things you can do to help......
our email is hipgal423 [at] aol dot com

Kathie said...

My name is Kathie and Wilma suggested I contact you. My dog Okey had an eye pop out last night.
He had emergency surgery and is home now. Any insight into this situation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

agent99 said...

Kathie - Foo has her eye sewn shut too, althought it only laste @ 5 days. We needed to make sure it did not get infected while the swelling went down. Her eye is now in a good position, but ulcerated. As long as we prevent infection of the ulcer, we should need no further surgery. Just a bazillion drops!
feel free to email us directly for more info - but I have posted almost ALL the the details in our blog.