Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Call her Drama Queen.....

Is it time to change her name from Lefty to......
Or maybe she is just not the "Outdoorsy Type"?

I should probably start by saying that I'm OK!   But here's the whole story:

Mom and Honey decided to take a quick getaway over the weekend, since Mom has never seen "the house in Wisconsin".    So, they loaded up the car with all sorts of crap,  including our crate!

Because the Foo (me) couldn't be left with just anyone.  All those eye drops, you know. So, a road trip to Wisconsin it was.   We've been to Wisconsin before to go to PugFest, and that was OK, so we were excited.

Except it was pretty hot out around here.   But Mom cranked up the A/C in the car, and all was good.  I got to sit on her lap for most of the way too.  Did you know that the floor in front of the passenger seat is the exact perfect size for a Foo?  She even carried me into the grocery store when we got the Prtizl's for "provisions" (Honey forgot the buns).   And we even got our  personal fan up at the house.   

This is me, enjoying the wilderness, from the deck.
That's my "Before" shot.

And here's Gen.

Note the creative use of the forks by Honey, who forgot a few parts for the grill.

For most of the way back, I was doing fine.   Crazy Honey HAD to go see the Ten Chimneys Historial Landmark.  Honey thought is was some kind of Native/Indian natural landmark, but no.  It had something to with actors. Whateves. He and mom got completely eaten by 'squitos.  Serves em right.   Then mom HAD to stop at this quilt shop. Patched Works. Yeah right, like she doesn't have enough UFOs! 

At the quilt shop, Honey took us on a nice quick walk while momma was shopping and we were both just fine.   But when momma took us out of the car at home,  I had a puffed up belly, was really hot and having trouble standing, along with my exaggerated panting.   Now I am an old girl, so I do pant alot.  But mom knew this was just not right.   

So I got a quick ride to my old friends at Animal 911.  They were REALLY worried about me.  I had to stay overnight, with oxygen and a tubie down my nose (yuck). They gave me an IV and lots of medicines to help my breathing.   They checked on me all night. By the time momma came back in the morning, I was able to breath  all by myself, no more tubbie. See:

I'm not quite my energetic old self, but I'm breathing OK and just taking it easy.   My regular vet even called to see what kind of trouble I got my self into this time!  See my aligator head stuffie?  He's helping to keep me comfy.  I get to take 4 different medicines every day for about a week.   That translates into a lot of WHIPPY CREAM!  And take a look at my EYE!   It's almost all better now. It must be allPaw Power my friends are sending!  See, it's WORKING!

Don't I look comfy?

And let's not forget Big Sister Gen, who has been watching over me. Right now she is laying low (ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz) to keep the excitement level down so I can recover.   Thanks, Gen.

Fuji the Drama Queen


Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Foo, The Lefty Drama Queen, we are so glad you are back home and feeling better!! You gave your momma and the rest of us quite a scare!!! You take it easy and get lots of rest!! We are sending lots of loves to you and your momma!!!



Stubby said...

Hi Fuji! I cannot believe your story! Mom told me that she heard about it last night on FB but I had to read it for myself.

First of all, you are not a drama queen, believe me. I've known plenty of them and you are not one. Second, you scared your mom half to death. I know you didn't mean to scare her but she was beside herself with worry for you.

I'm so glad you're okay now and on the road to recovery. Your eye looks really good - almost normal like.

I'm sending more healing vibes your way and all my paws of power!

Stubby xoxo

dw said...

Foo, I'm glad you're feeling better! And yous has a nicey aligator head to rest your precious little head on!! Your mom was way scared last night, so I's glad yous doing better; and also glad that Gen's not trying to eat parts of you, too!

Yoda & Brutus said...

Foo, we are glad to hear that you are home and feeling better!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi foo and gen!
oh we are so happy to see both of you looking so good!
we have been thinking of all of you.
foo you are a special little girl and we love you!
m & e

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Foo we are happy to hear that you are home resting. You look so sweet in your cozy bed!


Stacy Walker said...

We are very happy to hear it all worked out. Get lots of rest you two girls are too cute.

Wilma said...

Aw Foo,
I'msoglad you are home and feeling better. I couldn't believe it when I heard you were in the hospital. You just rest upand we will take good care of you this weekend. I'll have Nurse Brigitte be your personal attendant.

Becky said...

What an ordeal for you to endure! Rest easy and let them wait on you for the next week or so. Milk it for all it's worth! Your eye is lookin much better. Lots of love to you!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Foo
I just ran over here to read and see how you are. I am so relieved and so happy that the power of the paws helped you. That was so scary for your mama and your sissy Gen and all your friends. I know the alligator stuffy is making nice little noises to keep you calm and happy. And also what a nice little pillows he is.
Your eye is looking almost 100 percent now- too. (I see)
Gen you are such a good girl watching out for your sissy, and helping mom through the scariness.
Thank you both for the updates- we love you both

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh Foo, A.K.A Lefty, and new found title holder of Drama Queen!!

We are so glad to hear you left your O2 suite and are back home!!!!!

You look comfy and cute!!

Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Foo!

Daisy and I are so happy to hear
you are Okay! We were worried.
Rest up, and make sure to eat
plenty of snacks while you
are on the mend.

-Dana & Daisy

BRUTUS said...

Poor Foo! What troubles you have had recently. Glad you came through that scary stuff, and your eye really does look good! Did you know that Drama Queen is actually my little sister Carmen's registered name?? Someone warned us she might grow into it, hope that's not the case!

Brutus the Frenchie

5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said...

Remembers that we's are bringing the air conditioning unit for the pup-tent so that you can still come to Ms. Wilma's Sunflower Sister camp out.
Much luvums,
The Slimmer Sisters
(Gracie, Lily, and Mimi)
Pee-Sss: Glads your eye is on the mend and that you are comfy at home. I (Gracie) knows what it is like to stay in an ER overnight and I tell you what...nothing beats the love and attentiums you get from your pawrents at home. Big Pug Hug!! (Not to hard...but enough to show I feel your pain). :)