Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pupdate & .......THE PACKAGE!!

Gen & the Foo were sooooo excited to win Salinger's giveaway from Taste of the Wild!!   It's so much fun to get a package, especially if it contains foodables.

Unfortunately, several calamities have conspired to delay a post about hte contents of their package.    So first, we'll have to talk about this:


This is NOT what arrived in the mail. Rather, it is all the medicines Foo has been given to fix her broken eye. Today, momma took her to see the the puggy eye doctor.   She will have to keep her eye closed for 2 to 3 weeks.  After that, we'll try to find out if she can see and move her eyeball.  For now, that's all we can do.  But he did change her medicines. While he was at it,  the eye specialist also checked out her her good eye and a few problems were found.  (thanks Dr.Mohoric!!)  Dry eye, very common in pugs was severe, and there was also a mild infection of the lid. Some of these have been discontined. From the left (no pun intended):
  • Metacam - for inflammation (#2)
  • Tobramycin - 2nd antibiotic
  • Artificicial Tear Ointment
  • Tacrolimus - tear stimulant (and chemotherpay agent)
  • Triple Antibiotic ointment
  • Rimidyl - first anti-inflammatory
  • Number of vets seen: 2
  • Number of medications being given: 4
  • Number of drops per day: 10
And now........we turn to more exciting news!!!!
We could not open this ourselves, so the momma had to help.  It was soooooo exciting!
And look at all the booty we found inside:
I guess the nice lady at Taste of the Wild doesn't know that we don't do tricks.
So I sniffed and sniffed all the goodies.   There was all  kinds of foodables. And a gigantic collar......what breed did that lady think she was sending her box too?    An English Bulldog?   We'll have to find a big buddy to send that too. Can anyone think of a furiend with a giant neck? And there was also a piece of paper.  It didn't smell like much but momma liked it.   She said it was useful to get MORE foodables, so I am OK with that.
(We put that up sideways so the Foo Lefty can read it)
Here's Lefty checking out the booty before her "injury."
Mom, seriously, look at all this stuff!   Canned food (for Lefty),   kibbles (for me)  chewy stars in THREE sizes!   Hey, wait, is someone suggesting my breath is less than delightful??
I scarfed up my chewy so fast, momma could not even get a picture. Dentally challenged Foo, I mean Lefty,  gnawed and gnawed.  Finally after like an hour, mom had to take her chewy and throw it away.  Seriously, she only has like 5 teeth left, what were ya thinking, mom?
We can't wait to taste the real foodables....but more on that later.
Gen & Lefty 



Those Elgin Pugs said...


'Dats great news!! And 'da package couldn't have comes at a better times!! Lefty deserves some treats!!

We send kisses to yous eye ball and we are thinking of you little miss!!

Oh, and Izzy says she would love to make you two a pretty hats for yous Mommy wedding... just let her know whats yous likes and what colors...


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh the poor broken eye.
I hope all the medycines make the eyes better.
It sounds to me like you have a tidal wave of eye problems over there.
Good thing all those treats and stuff came. Sometimes treats help

Hank said...

Foo, do whut the doc says an' take good care o' that eye.

Me an' O'Mally both only got one workin' eye, so none to spare over here.

Way tuh score on the treats!!!

Salinger The Pug said...

YAY! We're glad that NiceLadyTara sent you your prize so fast!

We hope the yummables help Foo's eye heal faster!

Mom also says that it was fun talking to YOUR mom in pugson yesterday on the talkie thing!

Happy Thursday!


Wilma said...

Hi Gen and Foo,
I am glad you guys won that prize. Now Lefty has lots of stuff to help the medicine go down.
Foo honey,
We got lots of the same medicine in our pharmacy..
Metacam - Brigitte takes 1/2 a dose for her arthritis every day, it works great and it doesn't bother her stomach the way that Rimadyl did. (her dose is reduced so she only needs to take as much as what works for her.
I get Tacrolimus and triple antibiotic ointment in both eyes 3 times a day forever. It's not bad cuz I get a treat for cooperating with the administration of the medicine. Plus it has kept me seeing for many years.
So just keep up with your regimen and I know you will be good as new before long.
Power of the Sunflower!

BRUTUS said...

Hooray for pressies & packages that come in the mail! The packages that come home from the vet = not so much fun. Poo Lefty - 10 drops a day? Ugh. I have a bit of dry eye myself (which earned me a lifetime supply of Optimmune, a cyclosporine immune-inhibitive drop). Plus mom has to smear antibiotic in my face folds everyday to keep weird things from growing in them. So Foo, I kinda know how you feel having your face & eyes messed with all the time!

Brutus the Frenchie

Anonymous said...

Look at that package, wow!!! Aren't you guys lucky :)

Punchbugpug said...

Nice package..sorry to hear about all the bad luck lately!!! Leave me your email in my comments, so I can give you info on transport. I think legs in your area are filled, but these transports go on a lot. I can hook you up with the person who organizes them and in the future she will send you an email when there is one nearby!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hey Lefty! I have only 5 teefs but I still choose on a bone on one side of my mouth. Granted I don't chew hard but it can be fun still. Also look at all the goodies wow!

Oh and we hope your lil eye gets better...we are still sending lil paw power healing thougts to you Foo. Many hugs sweetie pie!!